Dynamic only begins to explain the energy, creativity and presence that Nick Tierra brings to music. Since stepping into the limelight at age 13, he has honed skills for both studio and stage performances. Tierra has composed and helped produce over 6 albums worth of material, has extensive experience as a session musician and has worked as a studio musician on the national stage including doing a remix for Atlantic Records.

The live stage is where Tierra releases pent up energy and raw emotion that roar to life showering the crowd with addictive melodies and seductive lyrics. His track record boasts hundreds of live performances including shows at Rolling Rock fest and Mobfest. In addition, Tierra has played to thousands performing with 311, Collective Soul, Hed P.E. Smile Empty Soul and running a 70 show tour with the Kottonmouth Kings.

Tierra continues to write and produce music with musicians across the United States. Currently, Tierra is in preparation mode for touring in support of “When All Else Fails” debut album release. Listen up and stay tuned, 'cause this shit is gonna rock!